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The class 01 and class 0 appliances are appliances that have just one level of protection where class 0 has just a basic insulation designed to protect users from electric shock and class 01 has provision for Just a power supply cord that does not have any earth connection or conductor in it











Class 1 appliances have two protection levels which are the Basic Insulation and Earth Wire. The combination of the earth wire and insulation protects users from suffering from electric shock but if there happens to be a failure in the basic insulation, the user may suffer electric shock but provided the latter does not occur, the user is very safe to utilize the appliance.





A reputable and prestigious company that has undergone the test of time and has been ranked among the best service and product provider.


It has stood out to provide individuals as well as the general public with highly polished, quality and reliable information on how to choose and utilize their desired appliances.


Our main target is to ensure safety not just at home but also at work while focusing on developing better appliances as well as creating more safety awareness.





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